Kayah State

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Kayah State is situated in eastern Myanmar. It is bounded on the north by Shan State, on the east by Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, and on the south and west by Kayin State. Loikaw is the capital of Kayah State. As with many other states in Myanmar, Kayah have has its own fair share of ethnic minority populations and inhabited primarily by the Karenni ethnic group, also known as Red Karen, Kayin (Karen), Padaung, Yinbaw, Bre,a Sino-Tibetan people.

We can easily extend the trip to this beautiful state from Kalaw (by car and train) and Inle Lake by a private boat to Phe Khone. Train from Kalaw departs around 07:15 am to Pin Laung and the scenery on the way is stunning and passing through the green paddy fields, mountains, villages and countryside. One can see beautiful countryside, many tribes and farmers are working in the fields, animals moving here and there and sometime people trade to the merchants on the road with their fresh cut vegetable products from their fields. Kayah sausage and wrapped rice and pork packages are great foods to taste when you’re there.