Keng Tung

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Keng Tung (Kayinng Tong) is the second biggest city in eastern Shan State, and is the capital of the Golden Triangle region. The hills of Eastern Shan state are dotted with Eng, Lahu, Akha, Palaung, Loi, Lishaw, Shan and Wa tribes. This tour will introduce you to the beautiful Keng Tung town, visiting tribal villages by bike, car or on foot, and seeing breathtakingly beautiful sceneries, terraced rice fields in the lower areas to further up in the mountains. You will learn about the different tribal people, their culture, religion (Buddhist, Christian and Animist). During trek in the area you will also see how the different groups live their life. Discovering the British influence in the area with a few remaining churches and residences in Loi-mwe, and enjoy the most pleasant weather in Myanmar.
For 4 days 3 nights adventure trip to there from Yangon costs only 615 USD (minimum 2 pax)!
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